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Research Areas

To improve school’s research work and enhance the cooperation with industry, the school establishes six institutes as follows:.


Institute of Data Science and Digital Information Processing

The research fields include artificial intelligence and pattern recognition, data mining &visualization, big Data processing and analysis, computational intelligence, computer graphics and image, digital media, service science and engineeringbioinformaticssmart education and digital learning, smart city, etc.




Institute of Ubiquitous Networks and Computing

The research fields include network science, big data processing, internet of things and cloud, mobile internet, social computing, etc.




Institute of High Performance Computing

The research fields include high performance computing, dependable computing, embedded computing, embedded system applications, mobile applications, etc.




Institute of Software Security and Information Security

The research fields include software security, network security, wireless system, web security, the internet of things, sensor networks, etc.




Institute of Software Engineering Theory and Technology

The research fields include software architecture, mining software repositories, search-based software engineering, and software testing.




Institute of Foreign Languages for Software

The research fields include corpus linguistics, computer assisted foreign language teaching, sentiment analysis and opinion mining, teaching and research of foreign language for software.